"Everywhere I look, I see pictures"

Pretentious Studio Selfie (PSS)

Pretentious Studio Selfie (PSS)

Hi there. Glad you made it here. Let's talk about Niklas Wegdell. 

Normally, he lives in Stockholm, Sweden. But for now he's based in the US and this weird and wonderful place called Brooklyn in New York is his home, sweet home.

He's a photographer, specializing in portraits, weddings and car photography

Yes. That combination.

Niklas loves making people and machines look awesome. Big loud weddings, an intimate portrait, a vintage car race, a delicate skateboard trick, or a boss business headshot - it's all about people. It's the energy in the moment and finding ways to capture that moment as it happens.

Niklas is one of those people can't stop looking at the world, seeing pictures everywhere. He always carries a camera wherever he goes. (His wife hates that.)

Bookings, ideas, inquiries, or maybe just looking for good hamburger joints in NYC?
Feel free to send a message!

In the meantime, have a look at his 20 latest Instagrams: